Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Godrevy short movie

click to view movie

What you have here is a kind of trailer for an ongoing video project!

First problem is pathside boulder in St Ives, Pocket Elimate v7, we do only half of it as its wet.

Second problem is Classic Arete V2? at Carn Brea.

Third problem Compressor Wall traverse at Carn Brea, not sure of the grade on this one.

Fourth problem is Beeday V5 at Godrevy main gully area, this goes just left of Ur hot (see other video).

Fifth prob is Trigonometry V6 which is on the same wall as Beeday further out towards the sea, this starts from the triangular hold and lunges left, a harder variation trends right along the seam, also a low start and a start from the left arete.

Sixth problem is a project.

Seventh prob is LTP right hand which is V7 and starts on finger hold and pocket and goes right to sloper and finish. A left version goes left to crimps, then a slot for RH and finish with left on the ledge this goes at V8 ish.


Bloc said...

it works then!

Bloc said...

well done Barney, did you do it two times?