Friday, September 28, 2007

Training wall....details

This new training facility needs members. Currently there are five of us, more would be better.Its located a couple of miles outside St Ives. Its not a public wall. What we are looking for is people who will commit to contributing to the weekly rent. Its £45 a week and there are five of us so far, so more people will mean it gets cheaper for all!

We so far have two boards (details below). Realistically it's for climbers who want to train/get stronger...access if you come on board is anytime!

For those who are interested, our Moon Board currently has Setup 01 and Setup 02 giving us 12 graded problems from the Moon Climbing website in the Font 6C to 8A range. the Moon Board is 40 degrees off vertical and the other board is an Uncarved Bloc board (same as the one at Porkelis,for those that have been there) that is 50ish degrees off vertical. Electricity and use of on site toilet/running water is a good selling point too.

If you want more details leave your email address and i will get back to you...cheers


Anonymous said...

Hi, Please contact me regarding the use of your wall -
I've also heard of a wall in Helston but cant seem to find any info on it, can you offer any info?
Kind Regards, Ian

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.