Monday, October 23, 2006

West and mid Cornwall hardest!

click here to download to desktop and open as pdf

West and mid Cornwall hardest! a list of problems v7 and above

Originally appeared on Dave Hendersons Javu web site. Barney Carver has submitted it to the blocs penwith blog. Grades are a mixture of font and V, (with the font grades for the problems down at Gwynver, Its worth pointing out that they are the grades given by first ascentionists and judging by some of the views of repeaters are a little soft). Most of the other problems are a concensus grade.

Any views on grades or significant repeats, I would be glad to hear of them.

It also makes a good tick list!

Anyone who wants to begin a V6/font 7a list get it on!

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Bloc said...

its best to open the page and then save to desktop that seems to work!