Friday, September 08, 2006

wire brushing at Godrevy

It's been noticed that 'Providence' has been wire brushed. I had a look today and sure enough all the holds have had a good scrubbing. There is no need for this and the rock at Godrevy is too soft to sustain such tactics. It's a fragile rock and wire brushing is not a good idea!. A tooth brush with a towel/chalk should be fine.



Anonymous said...

Well I'll be buggered. Which holds have been brushed? I haven't been down to Godrevy for quite a while, I've been playing down at Clodgy point most recently.

Bloc said...

Dave...all the holds have been brushed!.

Just to substantiate B.C point, this is all recent damage, subsequent to Daves 1st ascent and James Pearson's second ascent.

Anonymous said...

How disappointing. Though I suppose theres not a lot that can be done about it.