Saturday, January 27, 2007

you tube/mobile phone experiment

just testing how easy it is to go out with just phone and get video on blog...pretty easy really. Anyhow this boulder is getting really worked out. Problems described left to right.
slab V?
SS the one in video V4
SS jug to crack as on 'gone west' V5
SS jug to patata* reach to crack V5
SSjug to patata* with right and then left to crimp and top avoiding crack and arete V7
SSjug to patata* with left right to crystal and top 'foreign affairs' stiff V7
SS project jug str8 up
standing up arete and slab V0
hand traverse right V?
hand traverse from right into arete V4

*patata potato like protuberance (sloper)


Bloc said...

mmmm that is truly bad quality, probably not bother with that again, just noticed the youtube videos on Andy Earls site, guess a bad video of a hard problem is more interesting than a bad video of an easy problem.

Anonymous said...

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