Friday, April 20, 2007

recent activity

This info related to the graded list previously posted click here for list!

New repeats not listed -
Carn Brea: 'Blown Away' has been repeated by Barnaby Carver (9-10-06) and Andy Whall (?-03-07)

Godrevy: 'Providence' has been repeated by Mike Adams (?-??-06) (this was reported in Climber);
'Piss Pot' repeated by Max Dutson (18-03-07); Pictured left. After quite a few repeats 'Piss Pot' seems to have settled at at V6.
'Pockets Into Trigonometry' repeated by Barnaby Carver (24-03-07). Barnaby also made the second ascent of LTP left with extension on (19-04-07) confirming the grade of V8 ish...also BC and AW did LTP right and thought it was maybe V7 after all and not V6.

Clodgy Point: 'Salad Fingers' repeated by Chris Hall (03-03-07);
'Andy's Link Up' repeated by Andy Whall (?-12-06) and Chris Hall (10-03-07).

Zennor Hill: 'Agony Aunt' repeated by Andy Whall (03-11-06).'Foreign Affairs'repeated by Andy Whall.

Note your ascents of 'Andy's Link Up' and 'Agony Aunt' and 'Foreign Affairs' are second ascents.

New problems climbed since the original list was written: 'Snoopy' at Carn Brea, V7/8 6c. First ascent Andy Whall (21-12-06), repeated by Barnaby Carver (02-02-07).
'French Toast' Godrevy V7/8. First Ascent Andy Whall


Bloc said...

anyone else got any info, let us know!

Anonymous said...

Its worth noting that the full tick on Blown Away requires a handjam in the final crack and a bunched up rockover. If the right side of the crack is laybacked its easier. Did both repeats utilise the jam? The Guardian of Carn Brea knows these things and may disallow them otherwise!

Anonymous said...

Oh! O.K. you may have caught me out there. When I first did 'Blown Away'(9th October 06) I did use the right side of the crack. But I did 'Swept Away' on the same day using the bunched-up hand jam method – I wouldn’t dream of claiming an ascent of one of Bob’s problems if I hadn’t drawn blood!

I have done 'Blown…' a few times now and I’m sure I’ve climbed it since by finishing up the crack so ignore the given date for my repeat but an ascent still stands. I don’t think it’s much more difficult using the crack. I find the hardest move being getting past the sloping elephant’s bum-crack section just after the point where 'Blown…' joins 'Swept Away'.

- Barney.

stevie p said...

Yeh just moved too Redruth , going off my nut here not climbing, directions and climbing buddies please email me Fast