Monday, March 06, 2006

Salad Fingers V8 major new line! squeezed in on Australia boulder.

A.W climbs a major* new line on the Australia boulder at Clodgy.

To find this boulder, walk from St Ives on Zennor footpath, when you see the large blocks on headland, head down towards the sea, the bouldering is below you, Australia boulder is further on and down below, all easy to find hopefully!.

'Salad Fingers' starts as for 'boomerang', moves directly up Ulurulu V5 and then powerfully left on slopers to the finishing jug on 'bomerang',thought it was harder than Boomerang, so maybe 7b, thus V8 till someone says otherwise!.....of course it probably isn't this hard, but seemed so at the time!

*of course it isn't a major line, but nor is it an eliminate! name derived from